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The Story:

TumbleDown Castle and Estates

The Tumbledowns built a beautiful castle, lived a happy life and treated their people very well. Things were great in the beginning; the people were happy and the new TumbleDown Kingdom was thriving. The King enjoyed riding his horse around the Kingdom and speaking with his people. The food was plentiful, the water fresh and cold. King and Queen Tumbledown believed they found the perfect spot for their castle....But they didn't know it was the former location of an insane asylum..................And bad things happened there..... The signs started very subtly; The King and Queen could feel someone breathing on their neck. It felt like people were watching them. Then the noises started.....people walking around, angry people. They tried to ignore it at first. They would yell back: "Leave us alone" and run into their bedroom. That didn't help much.

One fateful night the King and Queen were seen running away from the Castle; never to be seen again. Over the years, the castle has been abandoned and has deteriorated. Cabinets are falling apart, the iron has rusted, the kitchen is in disrepair, stairs are rickety and crooked and many insects have invaded. If you choose to stay in the castle, you will be the first ones since that fateful night... IF you dare...

Behind the scenes:

"Nothing like this has ever been done before. This is Disney-level and a break-through in hotel technology." Mastermind and Owner Kathy Doucet says.

No expense has been spared in this project. Features includes a gangway bar overlooking the living area, 5 person, second story outdoor (covered) hot tub, the Kings "bone throne", 2 fireplaces, 3 bathrooms, sound-proof walls, a draw bridge leading to the 3 bedrooms (including the 3 tier Dormatorium), a full kitchen with a Kings' table, and unbelievable castle architecture...but this isn't the only reason you rent this amazing suite that sleeps up to 18 earthly people...It's because you WILL experience a haunting sensation .... GUARANTEED.

We have implemented a sophisticated computerized system involving motion sensors, time delays. video, projection, pneumatics, lights, audio, and more to scare the heck out of our guests! Nowhere in this castle is safe from a potentially terrifying scare. This is an experience of a lifetime. Be one of the first people to stay in the ONLY simulated haunted hotel suite in the universe, and prepare to be amazed.

The Details
» 5 levels of fun
» 5 person outdoor hot tub
» 60" TV in castle parlor
» 5 TVs, 4 of them will have Blu ray players(no DVD player in kitchen).
» Thousands of free DVD movies to choose from
» 3 bedrooms: master with king bed, dormatorium with six stacked double beds and attic with 2 queen beds
» 3 Full Bathrooms with glass showers and Toto bidet toilets
» Stereo system with surround sound
» Full kitchen with refrigerator, dual ovens, stove top with pots and pans, microwave, plates, glasses, silverware and more
» Mountain views
» Birdcage seating area with aux. beverage fridge
» Asylum for the insane

Additional Info
» Electric reclining couches
» Catwalk bar
» Kings bone throne
» Tower stairs with skull railing
» Lapu Lapu
» Wally the giant nutcracker
» Buster
» Ouija board
» Coffin photo ops
» Heated towel warmers
» Fireplace. Please be advised that we disconnect the gas fireplaces during the warm season to minimize our carbon footprint. Thanks for understanding!
» Drawbridge
» Many unpredictable events
» Creepy unexpected guests from the netherworld

Galaxy Suite Rate policy (Haunted Castle): Published rates are for 2 people. Add $50 for each additional person. Up to 18 people can sleep in this suite. No one may be in the Galaxy Suite (Haunted Castle) unless registered at the front desk. Registered guests after the first 18 may stay and enjoy the Castle haunting until midnight.

Q: But OTHER hotels have no problem with us having guests for FREE, why do you charge for guests?

A: Because this is not JUST a hotel room, it's a very expensive state-of-the-art environment providing extensive entertainment. Think of it as an amusement park ride. If you buy a ticket for 2 people, your friends can't come on the ride unless they buy a ticket also.

Rate Details:

There are three bedrooms in the Haunted Castle.

  • The Royal Master Bedroom has a California King Bed and can sleep 2 people. It also features a private master bathroom.
  • The Dormatorium has 6 double beds, stacked 3 each.
  • The Attic has two queen beds.
  • Reserving between 1-7 people unlocks 2 of the 3 rooms (your choice), you can unlock the third bedroom for an additional charge (see chart below). Please be advised that the master king bedroom includes 1 of the 3 bathrooms.

    # of people 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
    1 $999 + $300
    2 $999 + $300
    3 $1049 + $250
    4 $1099 + $200
    5 $1149 + $150
    6 $1199 + $100
    7 $1249 + $50

    Reserving for 8-18 people automatically unlocks all 3 bedrooms. Rate for 8 people is $1299, add $50 per additional person.

    * These rates are our base rates and may change during peak times. These rate are Sunday thru Friday, Saturday rates start at $1299 for 2 people.

    Standard Suite Amenities

    ▸ All suites* include a two-person jetted tub or a hot tub for four to seven people.
    ▸ Every Suite has a DVD player with thousands of complimentary movies available from our video library.
    ▸ Internet access in our lobby.
    ▸ Free wifi in all suites.
    ▸ Enjoy a game of billiards off the Victorian Lobby on our 100-year-old J.E. Came Company Billiards table.
    ▸ Our outdoor Fire Patio is lit every night (weather permitting).
    ▸ In the winter every guest can enjoy the snow luge and the Igloo.

    Rate Information
    Cancellation Policy
    Deposit Information
    Non-SmokingFire PlaceFamily FriendlyKing BedBlue-Ray DVD playerIn Room Kitchenette
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