Take Rt. 1 North to Interstate 95 North. The exits in Massachusetts run, in ascending order, to exit 60. After exit 60, you will be in New Hampshire and the exits start at exit 1. Stay on 95 North until you reach exit 4 (left exit). The sign says: “NH Lakes, White Mountains”. (40 minutes)

Now you are on the Spaulding Turnpike. The Turnpike extends North for about 25 miles, then automatically turns into Rt. 16 North. Say “Good-bye” to your cell phones. (25 minutes)

Stay straight on Rt. 16 North. Eventually you will come to a traffic light which has a left turn option to Rt. 112--stay straight on Rt 16 North. (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Then you come to a blinking yellow light with “Kennett High School” on your left: stay straight. Cell phone reception should be back. (1 minute)

Next is a regular traffic light: stay straight. (30 seconds)

At the next traffic light, Rt. 16 North turns left: Turn Left and stay on Rt. 16 North. (10 seconds)

About 2 miles up the road you will come to the shopping district of North Conway. You will pass Burger King, then Applebees, Tanger Red Barn, Mcdonalds, LL Bean. (5 minutes).

Another 2 miles you arrive in North Conway Village. The Train Station is on your left, Movie theatre on your right. Plenty of privately owned boutique shops are sprinkled along this section. At the traffic light you see Horsefeathers on your right (Nice place to eat/drink). (5 minutes)

About mile later the Memorial Hospital is on your right (I hope you don’t get the opportunity to visit). (2 minutes)

Another mile and the Adventure Suites is on your left. Still Rt. 16 North.
 Did you know that the word “turnpike” originally came from the 1800’s when people had the right to collect toll money for clearing off sections of the road? Someone driving a horse and carriage would have to pay the toll or try to ride around, which wasn’t very easy. The toll collectors would actually have a pike across the road and would turn a wheel to make the pike lift up and allow passenger vehicles to ride through, hence the term “turnpike”